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Engage website visitors using our instant callback technology.

If you already are doing a good job of driving traffic to your website but aren’t getting a lot of return on your investment, chances are you’re missing out on some of your visitors due to not having a clear call-to-action on your site. Heck, even if you do have a call to action on your site – sometimes people need just a little bit of a push to take that action.

Enter CallConnectBot™. This AI-driven application sits on your website, and just at the right time pops up and invites your visitors to generate an INSTANT CALLBACK from someone on your team… no more waiting on hold!

Everyone who owns or manages a business understands that in order for sales to be made, you have to start with a conversation. In this day of instant-gratification and short attention spans, being able to have a conversation with person on your team in 15 seconds sounds nearly too good to be true… but that’s just what it does!

  • Step 1:  User visits your website. They read the information, scroll down the page a bit… look at the menu to see if you provide the service they need. They are thinking about calling or filling out a phone number, when…
  • Step 2:  CallConnectBot™ gently appears, and invites your prospect to input their name and phone number, and get a call back from a LIVE PERSON in 15 seconds.
  • Step 3:  Prospect submits their info… (skeptically I might add) hoping they get a call back at some point or they might have to find another company to talk with…
  • Step 4:  Prospect’s cell phone rings… You or your team is ALREADY on the line, ready to have that conversation about hiring you for the service – (you know, the reason they went to your site in the first place)

By using CallConnectBot™, our users are experiencing:

  • Increased Conversion Rates on their website(s)
  • Time Saved by both staff and your customers
  • Generating more sales leads on auto-pilot

CallConnectBot™ has all the features you need, including Instant Callback, Call Scheduling (so customers can schedule calls during business hours), Automatic Call Retry (in case the prospect doesn’t answer the initial call), Business Caller ID (so you can set the outgoing phone number to match your business main line).

CallConnectBot™ is also FULLY CUSTOMIZED to match your website including your logo and colors so you stay on-brand.

CallConnectBot’s™ AI Driven logic can also direct the prospect’s call, by routing to multiple agents (whether in-office or via mobile phones). And you’ll get Real-Time Call Reporting and instant notification to management in case your agents aren’t taking their sales calls!

Use CallConnectBot™ – our multi-channel AI powered communication widget
so you can stop chasing leads and start closing more deals!


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