PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

The key is finding that 'just right'...

PPC Management

Instant Customers in a Single Click!

PPC (which stands for Pay-Per-Click) Advertising… you have most likely heard this term. However, there’s nothing like experiencing the influx of new business that a well run PPC campaign can bring. On the flip side there are a LOT of potential pitfalls when trying to ‘go it alone’ with PPC… such as paying too much per click, bidding on the wrong keywords, and not getting a click to turn into a phone call or lead form submission.

It’s important that a local business like yours partners with a team who knows how to not only run, but CRUSH it with Google Ads.

It’s kind of like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears… If you hire the typical small agency, their limited PPC experience ends up allowing Google to take money out of your bank account, leaving you with a terrible return (agency is too small).

But if you go with a ‘big name’ agency, they don’t pay enough attention to your business (you’re a small fish) and you end up just having money taken out of your bank account (agency is too big).

You need a partner that is, (you guessed it…) just right! Someone who knows the local, service-based market niches extremely well, but also have enough experience to get you right into that sweet-spot where you’re not overpaying but you’re getting regular communication (while the leads come a-rolling in!).

Our team uses big data, to analyze and optimize campaigns for HUNDREDS of businesses just like yours… in fact in just the last 12 months alone we’ve analyzed 232 PPC accounts for business owners, encompassing over 313k clicks and over $1 million in Adspendand that’s just for ONE of the niches we work in!

Using the results we’ve generated, we have dropped the cost per lead by 30-50% for our ‘takeover’ accounts – and this happens usually within the first 7 days of signing on with our team! Not to mention that you’re partnering with a Google Premier Certified Partner – contact us to learn more!

Ready for an Influx of Customers?

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