Missed Call Text-Back Service

Are Your Online Leads Actually Calling Your Competition?

If you have website traffic that is consistently converting to phone calls, you’re likely missing phone calls while you and your team are out either servicing other customers or answering other calls…

Studies show that responding to a customer inside of 5 minutes keeps them engaged with you, increasing your chance of making the sale… but what about the calls that don’t get answered? More and more, people don’t even leave voice mail!

ReconnectBot™ which is our ‘Missed Call Text-Back Service’ allows you to begin chatting with your prospect automatically within as few as 15 seconds – well before they have a chance to call your competitor.

How does it work?

Using our AI Powered technology, we’re able to detect if the caller drops the line before you have a chance to answer or leave a voicemail. ReconnectBot™ then proactively sends your caller a text message, with a simple message like: “Sorry I wasn’t able to get to your call in time… how can I help you?”.

Our research tells us that over 70% of callers are making these type of inquiry calls from their cell phones (and that number is only bound to increase), so the majority of the time this text message is a timely reply to the prospect, and you or your team can engage with the client at your next availability!

Not only this, but you can manage these message from either your mobile device or your dispatch team can handle them from our online portal. This approach allows you the ultimate in flexibility to do what you do best – that service you’re an Expert at providing!

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to ensure that the calls they work so hard to generate (whether via word-of-mouth or some other form of digital advertising) don’t end up going to the competition! We’re seeing great success with service-based businesses (where you travel to the customer’s location) but it’s also great to add to real estate listings, automotive sales or service departments, or for anyone who wants to close more business by phone!

Whether you hail from the days of “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number”, or you’re from the “Call Me, Maybe” era this intelligent done-for-you service helps you maximize your chances of helping every caller that rings your line!

To Learn More About ReconnectBot™...

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On this call we’ll give you a live demo of the ReconnectBot™ system so you can see first-hand how it works, and how you can start to take advantage of this service!

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