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Website Launches

Our WordPress Website Launches are ‘DFY’ (done-for-you)!

Getting started with a website can be tough! We’ve launched hundreds of sites, from small 3-5 page small business sites to complex, e-commerce / online stores with thousands of products and pages!

I’ve simplified the sites I offer down to 3 packages!

We start with a professional, industry-specific design. Then we customize your site to match your company’s branding, including offers, colors and logo. Then we add locally optimized content, and analytics to keep track of all the things.

You have 3 seconds.

Studies show that customers give a website about 3 seconds then they decide to either Read on, or Move on!

We ensure that all of our websites pass the 3 second rule – your visitors know EXACTLY WHAT THEY GET when they visit your Expert Status Website.

What Happens After Launch?

After all the ‘DFY’ steps are completed, and your site is live… you get the keys!

All of our site launches include multiple lead capture methods such as built-in forms & call tracking phone numbers, and your leads can be dropped into automated SMS + email nurturing campaigns in order to help you close the deal.

You can login to track your leads through their journey to becoming customers with our built-in CRM. You can follow up with your prospects from ANYWHERE, via email, SMS or BOTH, using our Conversations dashboard and our LeadConnector Mobile App!

Finally, you can edit and add content to your website to your heart’s content – no coding required! If you can type an email you can add new content to your website.

And of course we won’t leave you hanging – should you choose one of our hosting plans, you get up to 3 website content edits per month ‘on the house’, by your ‘Expert Status’ team.


Mobile Responsive Design

In today’s internet, smart phones make up the majority of web traffic. Your Expert Status Website is optimized to look great on any type of device, including tablets, smart phones and computers.

Included!» in all Website packages

Website Hosting

Hosting is where your website lives on the internet. Your Expert Status Website will live on our lightning fast cloud-computing architecture, ensuring continuous uptime so your site can serve your customers 24/7. Starting at $30/Month with any Expert Status Site Package

Available!» in all Website packages
Local Search Optimization

We prepare your site to be optimized for Local Search results, including basic SEO setup for your primary and secondary keywords.

Available!» in all Website Packages

Custom Lead Generation Forms

Custom lead capture forms placed in strategic locations on your site are critical to prompt your users to connect with your business… with Expert Status Websites these are built-in… no third-party connection needed!

Included!» in all packages… unlimited forms in Silver and above!

Automated Text & Email Campaigns

Once you have a lead, you need to stay in touch with your prospects until they’re ready to become your customer… your Expert Status Website has built-in follow-up campaigns that help you convert your leads!

Included!» in all packages… unlimited campaigns in Silver and above!

Custom Branding

All Expert Status Websites are customized with your content, logo, contact information, photos, service areas and reviews so your visitors can find out all the crucial information about your business.

Included!» in Silver packages and above…
Expert Local Content

They say a killer headline makes or breaks the story… well our writers learn about what makes your services unique, and write copy that sells you and your business as the Expert that you are.

Included!» in Silver packages and above

Easy Content Editing

You may have heard that content is key… your Expert Status Website is built on an easy-to-use content management system, so you can make edits or add info to your site without waiting for (or paying) a developer!

Included!» in Silver packages and above

Integrated Call Tracking

It’s critical to measure and track… you need to know where your calls are coming from. Expert Status Websites come with Call Tracking built-in! No need to pay for call attribution services, it all lives in our integrated dashboard.

Included!» in Silver packages and above

Live Chat to SMS

Sometimes a user has a simple question about your business. Your Expert Status Website comes with Live Chat built in, but you get the messages via SMS! Users can start a conversation, and continue it via text message seamlessly!

Included!» in Silver packages and above

Our Website Launch Process


During our initial kickoff consultation, we work with you and your team to define and gather all of the necessary details about your business, and the process begins!


Selecting one of our professional, industry-focused designs as a ‘jumping off point’ allows us to load your new site with your content and branding quickly.


After your initial content and branding are implemented, we review this with you. This is your chance to provide feedback about the images, colors, & special offers for your site.


It’s go time… now the real fun begins! Your business now has an online presence with a rock-solid foundation.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about how you can take advantage of our Local Website Launch Service and be on your way to generating your OWN LEADS, take our quick Marketing Audit survey! This is a short series of questions designed to give you a scorecard of where your marketing is already dominating, and where you could stand to make some improvements.

After the survey, you’ll have the opportunity to book a FREE 20-minute no-pressure marketing review with one of our local marketing specialists, who will present your ‘score’ and learn what it will take to reach local market domination!

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