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Goodbye, Yellow (Brick) Pages…

It’s been quite a while ago now, but there was a time where all you had to do to get customers flooding into your shop or ringing up your ‘hotline’ was take out a big double-truck ad in your local phone book… in fact that’s why there were so many businesses named ‘AAA’ – the top position was alphabetical!

But enough of the history lesson… the truth is that many local businesses are missing a huge opportunity here. Data tells us that there are thousands of people every month, in every market (large and small) who are using search engines like Google and Bing to find trustworthy local companies. The real problem is that your website does not show up for those relevant searches.

You need a series of properly established local listing profiles. This will lead to an explosion of visibility for your site, and solidify your website’s position on top level keywords. Our goal with local listing strategy (which comes standard on our Silver and above packages) is local market domination.

Aside from your main website, local directory listings are the most influential and powerful sources of new clients for service businesses. Yelp, Bing Places, Apple Maps, Google My Business and other similar channels are where the customers are found. In order for you to win this local search business, you MUST have a partner who knows how to position you properly, and stays on top of every new and changing development.

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